Time Charters

We provide Vessels on Time Charter Basis for Specific Requirements, i.e. Heavy-Lift,  Ro-Ro  or General Bulk Cargo to Charterers. Lease Time can be for minimum of  3 months + 3 months or 6 months + 6 months.


 Voyage Charters


We provide Vessels for Spot Cargo Full or Part Charter depending on the Charterers Requirements, Size and Type of Cargo. Generally Charterers are given the options based on Tonnage available for the Cargo.



  Vessel Agency

We do the Local handling of the Vessels  in UAE and if required can provide similar Services within the Middle East Region. 


 Door To Door Logistics


We provide Door to Door Service for all Project, Over dimensional and Bulk Cargo Worldwide. Our Team of experienced Personnel with over 15-20 yrs experience in the Industry conduct the required formalities with Govt. Organizations , Route Surveys etc.



  Local Clearance & Delivery 

We have our own people / offices at the Local borders in the G.C.C. We provide the Customs Clearance of Documents, Land Transport and Govt. Approvals for all types of cargoes.